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Deep Thoughts From A Shallow Grave: Epitaphs To Die For by Anthony Martignetti

$ 19.95
A gloriously dark book filled with funny illustrations about life and death.

A gloriously dark book filled with witty illustrations about life and death, Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Grave celebrates life in its humorous and often satirical confrontation of death. Conceived, written and drawn by Anthony Martignetti over the past few years, these tongue-in-cheek illustrated tombstones were first shared with friends who needed a laugh, bringing some (albeit dark) humor to their days when they were otherwise going through tough times. More than one hundred of these off-kilter meditations on life and death are now collected in this book. Handwritten epitaphs such as “Waiting to inhale” and “There are fifty better ways to leave your lover” will have readers chuckling and prompt reflection on the absurdity of this fleeting and precious thing we call life.