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Vintage Inspired Bookshelf Games - Battleship

$ 50.00

Battleship has been the quintessential naval action game since 1967, requiring a combination of both strategy and luck to ultimately triumph. The strategy begins with the clandestine placement of your ships on the grid…making them as difficult as possible for your opponent to find. Then the missiles begin to fly! Each player alternates firing, until one ultimately and forlornly declares, “You sunk my battleship!”

This vintage bookshelf edition is truly a tribute to the original 1967 game, complete with the iconic red and blue cases, translucent ocean grids, ships, and pegs. On the rare occasions when this game is not being played, the stylish bookshelf package will allow you to proudly showcase it and remind you of all of your prior conquests!


BRANDS Battleship
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 10.59" x 8.33" x 3.43"