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Slumberkins - Yeti to Shine

$ 38.00

Promotes: Mindfulness, Connection, Play

Create a new holiday tradition in your home! However you spend the holidays, Yeti and her magic Shine Bright Star will bring a new activity each day to get your family connecting, playing, and creating special memories together all season long. 

Celebrate with more joy, more expression, and more connection! This new household tradition was carefully designed by therapists and educators. Traditions mark the passage for time for kids and these moments of family bonding create a sense of belonging and security. The time together will help everyone regulate their emotions during the hectic holiday season. We’ve included a month of varied activities that cater to children of all ages, so you can enjoy this tradition for years to come. 

Product Specs:

  • Yeti to Shine Hardcover Book measures 8” x 10” with 36 pages, a paper board cover, and sheet paper pages
  • Knit Yeti plush measures 8.5”x3.75”x2”. Fabric is 100% Acrylic & Polyester fibers. Stuffing is 100% polyester fibers & 40 grams Polyethylene Pellets
  • Star pillow measures 3.5”x3.5”x1.25” and the fabric and stuffing are 100% polyester fibers.
  • 33 Star activity tokens measure 2.25”x2.25” and are made of paper board 

What’s Included: 

The Book: Yeti to Shine tells the story of how one little Kin turned a disconnected holiday season into a mindful, celebratory tradition with the help of a magic star and a wish for more connection.

Yeti & her Shine Bright Star:  Each day Yeti will bring you a new Star Token in the pocket of her Shine Bright Star with a fun activity to do together

The Activity Tokens: Fun and engaging activities to create mindful moments of connection during the busy holiday season. Complete the activities as a family, then reflect on your favorite part together!