Shea Butter Soap | 5 Scents – Mockingbird on Broad
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Shea Butter Soap | 5 Scents

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3 oz. luxe shea butter soap


Relaxing and Fresh, this petite soap is packed with Shea Butter to keep your skin moisturized while it gently cleanses your beautiful skin.


Night-Blooming Jasmine emits its fragrance under the waxing moon. This delicate, lush floral will fill your heart with warmth, and this soap will gently cleanse your gorgeous skin.

Green Tea

The fresh, uplifting notes of Citrus and Anise dance around Green Tea, while the delicate ingredients gently cleanse your beautiful skin.


Lemon Verbena is chock full of sunshine and its lemony goodness will surround you with happiness as this sweet soap bar gently hydrates and cleanses your skin.


Gardenia is a paradise like no other! Laced with notes of coconut, this gorgeous floral soap will cleanse you gently, while softening your beautiful skin.