Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke

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Based on the hit Tumblr, REASONS MY KID IS CRYING is the perfect way to laugh through the tears—because not everytoddler tantrum is a tragedy.

Like the irresistible blog, REASONS MY KID IS CRYING pairs full-color photos of adorable kids having not-so-adorable fits, along with deadpan descriptions of why these tots are freaking out. Every miniature melodrama and child-size crisis is proof that parenting is always an adventure in absurdity, and sometimes all you can do is laugh.

When Greg Pembroke began sharing photos online of his sons’ tantrums, he was just trying to find a little humor in this insanity we call parenthood. His tongue-in-cheek captions captured the reasons behind the outbursts—such egregious parenting mistakes as “I broke his cheese in half” and “We suggested he play with a train.” The site quickly became a sensation, with parents all over the world chiming in. Featuring favorites from the blog as well as plenty of new material, REASONS MY KID IS CRYING is a wildly funny look inside the minds of toddlers.