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Legacy Magazine

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Legacy Magazine celebrates life with service member families and their surrounding communities.

Legacy Magazine is a substantive, aesthetically-pleasing publication for service member families and their surrounding communities. We believe that every individual is designed on purpose and for a purpose, with the ability to better their communities and themselves through unique experiences, qualities, and strengths. Through a strength-based approach, we incorporate elements of personal narrative, self-development, and creative expression to further equip and inspire individuals in their endeavors. We seek to offer the voice of a friend and mentor during times of celebration, transition, and growth. We believe truth is attractive and that individuals are hungry for substance and depth amidst all the noise. Let us come alongside one another and encourage each other in embracing the season we’re in while we sculpt and refine our messages, missions, and professions.

The nine personas within the publication represent the attributes courageously demonstrated by this community. While a reader might naturally gravitate towards one or two of the personas, we believe different seasons call for different strengths. Within each section, we incorporate interviews, personal narratives, and self-development exercises to provide guidance and hope for whatever season the reader may find themselves.