I'm a Baked Potato!

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  • A cozy story about a curious pup with a slight identity crisis . . . Children and caregivers alike will enjoy this charming tale. —Kirkus Reviews

    When a baked potato–loving lady adopts a dog, she adores him unconditionally&mdashland given the pup's small, round frame and warm, brown coat she can't help but call him "Baked Potato"! But what happens when a dog who thinks he's a baked potato gets lost? Will he find his lady? And more importantly, will he find himself? I'm a Baked Potato! is a fun, bighearted story about the names we're given, the names we choose, and how both can help us find our way home. Full of heart and laugh-out-loud moments, this story will leave readers giggling—and looking at pets in a whole new way.

    • A book about identity and discovering where one might belong
    • Filled with personality filled animals including a mean blue dog, a wily fox, and a very smart owl
    • Full of heart and laugh-out-loud moments, this story will leave readers giggling

    Adults and kids who are fans of Llama Destroys the World, Rabbit and Robot, or Tiny T.Rex and the Impossible Hug will love this book.

    This book is perfect for children discovering the sensory details of the world and is ideal for the following reading categories:
    • Read-aloud books
    • Early reading books
    • Fun books for Kids
    • Book for kids about getting a new pet
    CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED ILLUSTRATOR: Alison Farrell is the author/illustrator of the fan favorite The Hike, along with Cycle City and Bicycle Bash. Here she brings her love of science and sweet animals a brand-new series based on forest animals!

    BABY ANIMALS!: There's one thing all babies love: baby animals! There are all kinds of animals to look at and learn about in these pages, rich with wildlife and filled with love.

    A BOOK TO BOND OVER: This is the perfect cuddly read between baby and parent, since it's focused on baby animals and their families.

    Perfect for:

    • Grandparents
    • Friends searching for the perfect baby shower gift
    • Anim