Gold Ariel Necklace | 2 Options – Mockingbird on Broad

Gold Ariel Necklace | 2 Options

$ 67.50

    Handmade in the USA by trained jewelers in a onsite workshop located in Baltimore, Maryland.
    Lotus Jewelry Studio uses sterling silver, 14K gold-filled and gold vermeil to assemble all merchandise.
    Sterling Silver: Silver containing 92.5% by weight of fine silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper/nickel.
    14K Gold: Through a heating and bonding process,14K Gold is permanently bonded to an alloy base that will not flake or chip. Strict regulations govern the process mandating that gold must make up a minimum 1/20 of the total weight.
    Gold Vermeil: Sterling silver plated with 14K gold. To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 14K gold and be a minimum of 2.5 micrometers thick and does not wear off.
    It is important to take proper care of your jewelry to keep it looking nice! here are two ways we recommend caring for these beauties!
    1. Brighten jewelry by dipping in a liquid cleaner, like Tarn-X.
    * Never Dip Stones or Pearls!!
    2. Gently rub jewelry with a soft polishing cloth.

  • 1.75″ Pendant
  • 16″ Chain
  • Natural Turquoise
  • Chrysophrase or Turquoise Howlite
  • Available in 14k Gold-filled Only