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Color Wheel Bingo

$ 14.00

2016 Oppenheim Award Winner!

Eight Gibby & Libby toys have been awarded the Gold Seal – Best Toy Award from the industry leading Oppenheim Toy Portfolio (OTP). The OTP is the leader in the toy industry in terms of awards and is well-regarded by consumers, manufacturers and the media. Oppenheim is unique as they evaluate toys on two levels. Each toy submitted is evaluated not only by industry experts; they are also kitchen tested by the end user – kids. In order for the toy to win the Gold Seal, both the experts and the end user must agree in their evaluations. Once a product has been awarded a Gold Seal, it is then in contention for a Platinum Seal. We are proud to announce this product as one of our eight Oppenheim Award Winners!

  • Each card has 5 puzzle pieces and includes 1 spinner
  • 4 playing cards measuring 5 1/2" W x 8" H