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$ 38.00

 Just add Tequila! Everything you need to make the most delicious spicy margarita you've ever had is already included in this jar!

The hibiscus gives it a beautiful, bold fuchsia colour which makes it fun for any occasion. Damiana is known as the happy-love herb and who wouldn't want to add that to any cocktail? Fill, Shake, Strain and Serve!

You can also create your own version by adding a OJ, fresh lime juice, sparkling water... the possibilities are endless! 

Made in United States of America Comes in a 320z. (Quart size) glass jar and makes 12-15 drinks. Made in USA

Please note: Herbs and fruit settle during shipping - jars do not arrive full. You must fill it with alcohol. This recipe has been carefully crafted to transform an entire bottle of your favourite spirits into amazing craft cocktails!