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Birthstone Scent | GARNET PERFUME OIL | January

$ 48.00


Many moons ago, the native tribes of the Cayuga and Oneida used to make their winter quarters along Fish Creek and its frozen river.
One evening by the light of a blazing fire, the warrior Running Bear and a maiden from the neighboring tribe, Garnet Eyes, fell deeply in love.
Alas, the night before their wedding, the maid with eyes of fire fell into the river and was swept away by the current. Running Bear’s tears turned into scintillating red crystals, the color of garnet stone, symbol of their eternal love.
With its robe of purple, garnet sheathes us in courage. It fills us with energy and fans the flames of passion.

Use roll-on perfume oil any time you desire.
Apply to pulse points (neck, chest and wrist), lightly rolling the ball on the skin to release the fragrance.

Woody aromas of fir balsam intertwined with pine needles and vetiver.

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.
People often ask us “Can I purchase Garnet if I am not born in January?”
The response is yes, absolutely.
Whether you are born in January or not, the most important thing is how this scent makes you feel. You can also choose your Birthstone Scents candle or perfume by looking at the properties of the gems. So, don’t overthink the month of January and go for it if you like it!

Ingredients: Pure safflower oil, natural fragrances and essential oils
Safflower oil contains linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid with moisturizing properties.


Net Wt : 0.27OZ / 8ML