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Birthstone Scent | Emerald PERFUME OIL | May

$ 48.00



A summer night, 40 B.C, the roman emperor Marc Anthony and the powerful queen of Egypt Cleopatra, meet for the first time. Lavish festivities fill the palace with glowing lights, dances and music.
Cleopatra appears, adorned in countless emeralds, and Marc Anthony falls under her spell. Suddenly putting an end to the celebration, Cleopatra retires to her chamber where... the emperor soon joins her.
A symbol of their unconditional love, the emerald inspires creativity and renewal.

Use roll-on perfume oil any time you desire.
Apply to pulse points (neck, chest and wrist), lightly rolling the ball on the skin to release the fragrance.

The Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May.
People often ask us “Can I purchase Emerald if I am not born in May?”
The response is yes, absolutely.
Whether you are born in May or not, the most important thing is how this scent makes you feel. You can also choose your Birthstone Scents candle or perfume by looking at the properties of the gems. So, don’t overthink the month of May and go for it if you like it!

The tang of minty lemon with bracing notes of basil and green apple.

Ingredients: Pure safflower oil, natural fragrances and essential oils
Safflower oil contains linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid with moisturizing properties.


Net Wt : 0.27OZ / 8ML