120 Ways to Annoy Your Mother | Ana Benaroya

$ 19.95

Want to know how to turn your life into a Soap Opera?
Want to know how to create a masterpiece?
Want to know how to only speak in metaphors?
Want to know how to become a morning person?

This brilliant, fresh new book by illustrator Ana Benaroya contains 120 tips, some that really matter, some which are just off the wall and surreal, that provide an ironic, witty and gently subversive twist on all the ‘guides to life’ for all the would-be cheerleaders and boring conformists out there.

Part journal, part sketchbook and field guide, this is a book is be scribbled, scrawled, drawn in and customized. Ana Benaroya’s tips are just the start – this book provides space to chart successes (and wilful failures) in life’s rich tapestry.

Exuberantly illustrated throughout in bold, bright colours, this book is for all girls aged 11–14 with a quiet renegade in them and all young women who want to keep that rebellious streak alive.