"I'll Get Straight to the Point" Pillowcase – Mockingbird on Broad

"I'll Get Straight to the Point" Pillowcase

$ 25.00

This trio is riding into the Me So Thorny collection in style. The cactus on the left is rocking a major cactus flower, the cacti in the middle is standing tall, and both are tied in by the green cactus on the right. If you have a friend trip that looks as sharp as these three, you all need this pillowcase. 

All of our pillows come with a built-in gift tag on the box that allows you to write a quick to/from and personal message right on the front. When you're gifting this fabulous Pillowcase, there's no need for a separate card! Gift this to anyone (especially those friends who have it all) or keep it for yourself - don't worry, we won't tell.