Satin Pillow Case | Multiple Styles – Mockingbird on Broad

Satin Pillow Case | Multiple Styles

$ 24.00

Surprise and delight any lovely lady on your gifting list this season with the beautiful Blush (Wake Up Brave) or Cream (Invest in Rest) Satin Pillow Case. This striking pillowcase is designed to fit any standard size pillow, but is anything but standard. Designed with a lush satin material, this piece brings the ultimate in comfort and luxury to your bedding. In fact, this pillowcase will actively work to help to smooth your skin, reducing signs of aging and wrinkles while you sleep. Additionally, it helps to extend your hair’s style, eliminating pesky frizz and knots as you dream the night away. Each pillowcase includes a heartfelt sentiment that reads, “Wake Up Brave" or "Invest in Rest"