Blessing Blanket – Mockingbird on Broad

Blessing Blanket

$ 40.00

  • True by Kelly Rae Roberts communicates the essence of togetherness – the small moments, the big loves, the nuanced beauty of everyday living with those we love.
  • The blessing blanket is super sweet! The polyester fiber makes this blanket so soft for the sweet baby. The colors are soft and reflect Kelly Rae's art. It has five squares with different messages.
  • This is an uplifting baby gift which encourages and inspires the love of family.
  • Sentiment: "May you always reach and grow toward your dreams. (and never give up). (and never give up). May you create, dance, play and sing with JOY. May you always know how deeply you are LOVED. May you be INSPIRED to DISCOVER possibilities everywhere. May you always TRUST and follow your kind HEART." DEMDACO Blessing Blanket from True by Kelly Rae Roberts Collection.
  • Made of Polyester, Measures 30 Inches x 40 Inches.